Non-Essential Dental Services Paused In Light Of COVID-19

During this time of heightened concern, we want to reach out and make you aware of the extra precautions we are taking to ensure everyone stays healthy. Our office will remain open for dental emergencies but closed for routine dental procedures until advised by authorities.

If you do have any urgent dental concerns, please contact us by phone at 613-521-3939 or email, and we will continue to monitor the situation very closely. We will be prescreening our patients by asking specific questions when we schedule emergency appointments.

The health & wellness of our patients and employees is always our top priority. Rest assured that we are taking all the necessary precautions and closely monitoring the (COVID-19) situation with local Public Health Units so that you can receive your dental treatment with peace of mind. We train comprehensively for these scenarios as part of our overall emergency preparedness. Our office has always followed stringent infection prevention and control procedures and will continue to do so.

What you can do:

1. If you do not feel well or feel that you are at risk, call our office we will reschedule your appointment for you

2. Washing your hands with soap and water frequently helps

3. Using hand sanitizer as an extra precaution also helps

4. Wiping down all ‘high touch’ surfaces often with disinfectant will help protect your family members

Health officials in Canada maintain there is a low risk of people encountering the virus. We continue to monitor this situation closely and should emergency directives be issued, we will take appropriate action. For more information about the coronavirus, including precautions, symptoms and an update on the situation in Canada, please contact PHAC below or your local Public Health Unit.

We will continue to review updates & further recommended guidelines from The Public Health Agency of Canada. Your health and safety is our number one priority. We wish everyone good health and good luck. We will keep you updated on any new information or changes to our plan.

Yours in the interest of continued good health,

The Shifa Dentistry Team


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